Biological Product Logistics Service

Biopromind offer unique biologics temperature controlled shipping service from United States to China. With our established and authorized cold chain logistics channel between United States and China, we provide unparalleled fast, safe and cost saving shipping service for biological products.

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Biologics Shipping Service

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    Dry ice, ice pack
    Biologics Cold Chain Logistics Special Packaging

    Temperature control throughout the shipping

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      Direct Flights  
    Direct US-China Flight US to Beijing

    Always fastest international shipping via airplane!

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    Domestic Flight
    Direct China Domestic Flight Beijing to all cities

    Provide first available direct flight after quarantine

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    Fast Custom Clearance Custom Pre-approval

    Ensure custom clearance normally completed in 2 days.

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    Fast Quarantine Clearance Integrited Quarantine

    China authorized bilogic product quarantine channel

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    Duty & Tax
    Pre-paid duty and taxes Prepay duty and taxes

    We handle duty and value added taxes for you

Biologics Categories and China Import Specs

  • Antibodies and Proteins
    Simple Process

    The protein and antibody products, for research or therapeutic drug research purpose, are normally shipped with dry ice. You could send the therpeutic drug candidates to China CRO for preclinical studies.

  • Reagents and Kits
    Simple Process

    Reagent and reagent kits, could be shipped in dry ice, ice pack or room temperature, depending on the product specs. We could deliver the reagents to your door, and save your time not in days, but in weeks!

  • Media and Buffer
    More document

    Media and Buffer normally requires detailed document for composition. They are typical low risk biologics and we could help on smooth, safe and fast shipping for media and buffer.

  • Animal Based Cell Lines, Serum and Tissues
    Official Certificate

    Special process for animal based cell lines, serum and tissues. We would prepare all necessary export and import permits and get the products delivered to China company in days!

  • Virus, Human Originated Cells, Serum and Tissues
    High Risk!

    High risk category in China custom and require China end user to conduct risk assessment, which takes about one month. We could assist in assessment process and deliver the products for you after the assessment is approved.

  • Pharmacuetical Perscription Drug
    FDA Regulated

    Source perscription drug as comparator and biosimilar products. They are FDA and CFDA regulated products, and we could source them and assist China end users to apply proper permits and ship them on timely fashion.


Ship your biological products door to door (USA to China) as fast as 5 business days

Door to Door

We ship your product from USA to the company in China, with single point of contact


The established and regulated logistics channels with temperature control and fast custom clearance and quarantine


We offer unique way to ensure the product is under proper temperature control, all the time.

Ship your biologics with confidence - fast, safe and saving cost!

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