Biopromind Biologicals Shipping Services

Biopromind offer unique biologics temperature controlled shipping services from United States to worldwide. With our established and authorized cold chain logistics channels, including US to China,we provide unparalleled fast, safe and cost saving shipping service for biological products.

Biopromind provides clinical investigational drug logistics services for global customers, and provides a complete set of clinical drug logistics services from pharmaceutical manufacturers to clinical research sites. We will provide your clinical trials with international transportation, label design, labeling and temperature-controlled storage, domestic temperature-controlled transportation, drug recycling and destruction and other clinical trial drug management services, saving you worry and effort, efficient and safe Perform clinical drug management and logistics.

Biologics Shipping Services

Dry ice and ice pack

Biologics Cold Chain Logistics

Temperature control throughout the shipping via international storage with dry ice, ice pack, and liquid nitrogen LN2 dry shippers.

Dry ice and ice pack

Expedite Custom Clearance

Custom clearance and quarantine is normally completed in two days.

Dry ice and ice pack

Direct US-China Flight

We always use the direct international flight from US to Beijing.

Dry ice and ice pack

Fast Quarantine Clearance

Our team has China authorized fast biological product import and quarantine channel

Dry ice and ice pack

Direct Domestic Shipping

Provide fast and temperature controlled shipping from Beijing to your company site.

Dry ice and ice pack

All Cost Included!

We offer door to door service for your biological shipping, including with all related fees, duties and taxes to save your time and effort.

Biologics Import Categories and Specs

Biopromoind Antibody 3D

Antibodies and Proteins

Simple Process, Fast Shipping

The protein and antibody products, for research or therapeutic drug research purpose, are normally shipped with dry ice. You could send the therpeutic drug candidates to China CRO for preclinical studies.

Biopromoind Reagent Logo

Reagents and Kits

Fast Shipping and Cost Effective

Reagent and reagent kits, could be shipped in dry ice, ice pack or room temperature, depending on the product specs. We could deliver the reagents to your door, and save your time not in days, but in weeks!

Biopromoind Cell Culture Media

Media and Buffers

COA and Compistion Needed

Media and Buffer normally requires detailed document for composition. They are typical low risk biologics and we could help on smooth, safe and fast shipping for media and buffer.

Biopromoind Animal Cells Logo

Animal Cells, Serum and Tissues

USDA Permit Required

We offer total solution to ship mouse cells, CHO cells  and monkey tissues, other animal specimens, with special USDA export certificate and export permit application process. We offer special tissue, serum and plasma sample shipment from China to USA, including specimens of Cynomolgus, Macaca fascicularis, Crab-eating Macaque, Macaca mulatta, Rhesus Monkey. We would prepare all necessary export and import permits and get the products delivered to your final destinations in days!

Biopromoind Human Cells Logo

Human Originated Cells, Serum and Tissues

High Risk Product and Risk Assessment

High risk category in China custom and require China end user to conduct risk assessment, which takes about one month. We could assist in assessment process and deliver the products for you after the assessment is approved.

Biopromoind Pharmaceutical Drug Logo

Pharmaceutical Drugs

FDA and CFDA Regulated

Source perscription drug as comparator and biosimilar products. They are FDA and CFDA regulated products, and we could source them and assist China end users to apply proper permits and ship them on timely fashion.

Clinical Logistics Service

Clinical Drug Logistics Service
  • International Shipping
  • Label Design and Validation
  • Labeling and Packaging
  • Warehouse storage
  • Domestic Shipping
  • IP Return and Destruction
  • Temperature Control
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Document everything
  • Quality Agreements
  • Quality Control

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Biologicals Cold Chain Shipping Solution


Ship your biological products door to door (USA to China) as fast as 5 business days


We ship your product from USA to the company in China, with single point of contact


The established and regulated logistics channels with temperature control and fast custom clearance and quarantine


We offer unique way to ensure the product is under proper temperature control, all the time.

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