Specialized in Biologicals Logistics Service

We offer comprehensive services relating to shipping biological products. Here are the list of the major services we offered:

  • Clinical Logistics Service
  • Biologicals Shipping Service
  • Biologicals Consolidation Service
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Biologicals Shipping Service

We offer fast, temperature controlled, cost effective shipping service for biological products from US to China. This is a full service, with door to door shipping, covering domestic and international shipping, export, import and custom clearance.

Biopromoind Biological Consolidation Service

Biologicals Consolidation Service

To help customer to save the effort and cost, we offer biological product consolidation service, to help customers to aquire all biological products from all over the world, and ship to our warehouse. We will arrange the consolidated shipping.

Biopromoind Biological Shipping Document Service

US and China Custom Document Service

We have rich experiences in both US and China custom, USDA, quarantine agencies, to help customers prepare the righ shipping documents, and ensure the biological products shipped on time at lower cost.

Biopromoind Biological Pickup Service

US Domestic Pickup Service

We offer US domestic shipping to our locations before shipping to China, with correct shipping documents. We also offer local pickup service for customers in San Francisco Bay Area, with proper temperature controlled containers.

Biopromind Valued Customers


Ship your biological products door to door (USA to China) as fast as 5 business days


We ship your product from USA to the company in China, with single point of contact


The established and regulated logistics channels with temperature control and fast custom clearance and quarantine


We offer unique way to ensure the product is under proper temperature control, all the time.

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